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Wherever you are, at home or on the road, you can log in and manage the access activity of your sites. Real-time activity is logged and collated into one dashboard.


Data in Forge Reach is stored securely within Microsoft Azure data centres. It’s encrypted at the source with compulsory two-factor authentication. This makes sure user access is limited to those with relevant permissions and credentials.


Easy to understand and downloadable reports. In real-time these reports can be delivered in a number of ways; access by door, entire site or by access card holder.


Forge Reach flags when there are anomalies or activities that conflict with standard procedure so you can act quickly if required. Notifications can be set up as email or SMS alerts.


We integrate with a wide variety of access control manufacturers including Gallagher, Paxton, Lenel, Inner Range and TDSI.


At the heart of Forge Reach is an open application programme interface (API). Allowing you to create common interfaces into your access controls systems, like HR enrolment data to update card holders.

“Forge Reach makes access control smarter by giving you the data and understanding of the movement of people on your site or in your building in real-time from anywhere.’

Wayne Lee, Director & Co-founder, Forge

Real-time data

Forge Reach lets your teams access real-time data regarding the movement of access card holders across their sites from wherever they are.

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