Connecting Buildings & People


Quick, Secure Check-in

Imagine no more visitor queues at reception. Visitors can check-in quickly using their email invite or scan in using their unique QR code. Reception will know they’re coming, and their details will be saved securely in the cloud. Now you can manage visitors your way – by desk, kiosk or mobile.

INvite your way

Individual businesses or tenants within your building can add their brand identity to their visitor email invites. Logo, background colours, text and information specific to their company – it can be customised to guarantee the visitor journey to their meeting is utterly seamless.


Reception teams can quickly view and manage a list of people within their building per company for checking in an evacuation. Making sure all visitors are accounted for.

Smart notifications

As soon as visitors arrive the appointment host will be notified. They can let their visitor know when they will collect them, or instruct them to wait in reception. Reception teams can also be informed of any special requirements for the visitor. Whether they are a VIP, for example, or need assistance.

Building awareness

Forge Bluepoint lets you monitor who’s in your building at any one time. Staff and visitor details are stored safely in the cloud. And the Forge Bluepoint dashboard provides you with a view of total visitors, whether they are planned or unplanned, and peak visitor flows.

Single sign-on

Remembering multiple passwords for different platforms can be difficult. That’s why we’ve made it easy to sign up to Forge – and to send appointments through existing services such as Google, Outlook or LinkedIn.

  • 20 secs

    Average check-in time

  • 37%

    wait time reduction

  • 260%

    planned appointments increase

“It is by far the fastest, most reliable, easiest to learn and use system. It can be accessed from anywhere; permissions are easily managed by each tenant reception, plus the support is great and always there when needed.”

Christina Matache, Front of House Manager, Brookfield Properties

know your visitors

Forge Bluepoint not only helps with a great visitor experience, but it gives your teams insight on visitor numbers, peak flows and dwell time. So you can make smart decisions on resourcing and utilisation. It also helps with tenant engagement.


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