Connecting Buildings & People

Forge Bluepoint: a confident return to the workplace

EVERY STEP of the way


  • Multiple ways to invite visitors
  • Invite email branded by company
  • Tailored pre-visit questionnaires
  • Time limited appointments with smart access

EVERY STEP of the way


  • Quick visitor check-in
  • Reduce waiting times
  • Real-time utilisation awareness
  • Visitor arrival notifications

EVERY STEP of the way


  • Contactless smart access using:
    • Mobile QR code
    • Paper pass
    • Access card
  • Integrates with other smart building technology:
    • Lifts
    • Car parking
    • Meeting rooms


User friendly

Simple, quick and easy to use Forge Bluepoint allows for invites to be created and sent by anyone using a calendar. Check-in is quick and seamless, and hosts are automatically notified of their visitors’ arrival.

Unlimited users

From a single occupier to multi-tenant buildings to portfolios across multiple sites, Forge Bluepoint is licensed at a single cost no matter how many users.

Real-time insights

Data that gives you actionable insight to manage your people and spaces better, more efficiently and safely are a key part of the solution Forge Bluepoint provides.

Frictionless experience

Whether it’s your visitor’s journey to and through your space or how your people interact with our solution, we want that to be seamless and easy. From providing touch-free access to invites via your calendar, Forge Bluepoint is frictionless.

First-class support

Our job is to empower your people with Forge Bluepoint from day one. We provide training, online and phone support and always open to conversations on improving our solutions to support you and your people further.

Smart connections

Forge Bluepoint comes with a fully featured API. Customers can use the API to connect and integrate with existing and new building management technologies, including tenant engagement platforms, incident management platforms and more.

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