Connecting Buildings & People


Real-time data validation

Visitor numbers from your people counters are analysed in real time. From this data you can make strategic and operational decisions with confidence. From staff scheduling to compliance and occupation planning.

Comprehensive reporting

Forge Abacus empowers users to build customisable reports which can be automated or instant. You can overlay this data by connecting into existing management information systems, from human resources to inventory control. These reports are easy to understand and distribute, and provide valuable operational oversight.

Easy deployment

Installation is quick and simple. Counters are installed, collaborated and connected to Forge Abacus. The team at Forge has the know how and experience working with suppliers and partners to ensure a smooth set up.

Anonymised data

All data captured is anonymous and stored securely. With granular permissions and two-factor authentication, data is stored securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. You can relax knowing your data will remain safe and private.

Overlay your data

With Forge Abacus you can overlay your own data sets, including point of sale, events and compliance metrics. This offers you a holistic overview of your business operations and management.


From single camera deployments to large multi-site and entry installations, Forge Abacus can scale to meet your changing business needs. With unlimited storage and the ability to view historical data, Forge Abacus can provide an invaluable source of guidance right now and for operations in the future.

“Forge Abacus gives you the data to make strategic business decisions on your buildings utilisation and profitability, today and in the future.”

Paul Speariett, Director & Co-founder, Forge

capture real-time customer numbers

Forge Abacus can count accurate customer footfall – and help commercial real estate managers and retailers to understand the movement of people through their buildings.


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