Connecting Buildings & People

With an exponential increase in new customers this year, including Knight Frank, ASOS and The Body Shop, Bristol-based company Digital Forge has rebranded to Forge.

Forge currently manages the movement of people across 12 million sq ft of commercial real estate in London and has expanded to sites in Manchester, Cambridge and Derby.

Directors and Co-founders, Wayne Lee and Paul Speariett have been leading the reorganisation and restructure of the business.

Director and Co-founder Paul Speariett explains: “As a company, we have always been more than software. We have a great team who deliver solutions which solve problems for our customers in connecting, managing and measuring the movement of people in their buildings or sites.

We not only provide cloud-based solutions, but we consult to ensure the solution is right and evolves with the business.

We also manage the ongoing delivery which includes support. And help our customers harness data from their occupants, customer and staff experiences to help them make impactful and informed decisions about their building management.”

The new brand represents the evolution of the company and the future it wants to build. Forging long-term partnerships with customers, including John Lewis and Partners, which uses all three products UK-wide and commercial real estate giants CBRE, MAPP and Savills.

The three products: Forge Bluepoint, visitor management, Forge Reach, smart access control and Forge Abacus, people counting all now fall under the Forge brand.

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