Connecting Buildings & People

MAPP building, Nexus, in Farringdon Street London, with 8 companies, will go live next week with Forge Bluepoint visitor management and smart access through the speed gates.

Forge worked in partnership with access control manufacturer Gallagher Security and security specialists Frocester Group who engineered and installed new speed gate tops to fit QR readers on the building’s existing speed gates.

Companies within the building, including CallisonRTKL, GlobalWebIndex and Johnson Matthey, will be able to invite visitors using Forge Bluepoint. Visitors will receive a company specific branded email invite, with a unique QR code, which the visitor can use at the speed gates to enter the building securely. Staff will be notified of their arrival with a smart notification.

Nexus is the first London MAPP building to go live with Forge Bluepoint. Forge has two other MAPP sites in Manchester; City Tower and BauHaus; which have processed over 8,000 visitors in the last 3 months.