Connecting Buildings & People

Over 300 Portico people and clients were invited to the Portico 2019 Annual Conference, held at the Goodenough College in Holborn, London.

Along with 10 other companies including Condeco and QikID Forge were invited to showcase Forge Bluepoint,  our cloud-based visitor management solution.

Demonstrating how Forge Bluepoint can be used as a mobile reception, attendees had the opportunity to experience the ease and speed of the check-in process first hand. Using a tablet they were asked to scan a QR code or type in their name. Once allocated to the Portico event host, a visitor pass was printed for them. The demonstration worked whether done as a planned or unplanned appointment.

‘It was great to have Forge Bluepoint at our annual event. It was the first time we have had our technology partners join us. For our people and our clients, it was great for them to experience the latest software and technology solutions. The response to Forge Bluepoint was so positive, it’s a great product.’
Hanna Barrett, Operations Director, Portico.

‘The response from Portico people who came and saw us was great. Many are dealing with clunky or multiple software tools to manage visitors to their buildings which causes frustration. When they saw the ease and speed of Forge Bluepoint they were genuinely wowed.’
Bastiaan Koekkoek, Business Development Manager, Forge.

Portico, an Investors in People Gold Employer, has over 15 years of providing tailored guest services in the corporate, residential and commercial property sectors.