Connecting Buildings & People

We know it’s cheesy, but we couldn’t help make our weekly team meeting something that would make us smile – and it did. Who would’ve thought our new European Development team member Alexis would look so lovely with a long dark flowing mane and Stu, Head of Integrations, was really well suited to being a lion!

Besides the smiles and laughter at the start, our virtual team meeting was great, why? Because one of the big lessons from lockdown so far is that without the normal level of day-to-day customer queries and project work deadlines, we have a lot more time to think. About the future, the present, analysing the things that are working and what may not be so critical to our day to day delivery.

And although there are additional challenges of childcare and the distractions of the home environment everyone was busy and got on with the jobs they could.

Thankfully the Forge team have always had the trust to work from home two days a week or more if they need the space to get their job done. So we’ve had a head start on many companies who are grappling with how to help their staff work remotely and have the tools in place.

So, we asked the team what did they learn from week 1 of lockdown?

Jo – Head of Customer Support

I must work 8 hours to actually do close to 6 as it’s really hard to concentrate when the world has gone crazy around you. Although being able to sit in my garden is great for my mood and really productive but beware of the beautiful cherry tree, blossom might fall on your laptop.

Stu – Head of Integrations

Structure, is key to being productive and having the technology to be able to share and communicate efficiently with your team-mates. In these uncertain times concentration can become an issue so breaking a task into smaller chunks and tackling one piece at a time is a good idea. Using an electronic to-do list and marking the tasks off once complete gives a sense of achievement.  Also, a good set of noise-cancelling headphones helps!

Alexis – European Development Manager

Taking a break and getting outdoors, if you can, is essential!

Bastiaan – Business Development Manager

Don’t wake up and stay in your pyjamas for the rest of the day. Take the time to look after yourself, have a shower, change into different clothes (it’s also more hygienic) and try to keep to a routine.

Paul – Director

I work from home a lot anyway, so it doesn’t feel too different right now. Having to share desk space with my kids for homework is fun, I forgot how hard algebra is!  We are so lucky to have the technology in place to allow our team to work from home and support our customers without any disruption.

Nick – Business Operations Manager

Set a timer or alarm and each hour and do 3-4 exercises, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, squats etc keeps you active and loosens up the joints, as many reps as you wish, start low!

Wayne – Director

Those that you see out and about on your one dose of outdoor activity seem infinitely friendlier and those on the roads have doubled their speed! As far as the Forge team, they have been awesome. Taking it in their stride and working as hard as ever under the constraints.

Corrie – Head of Marketing

Being a teacher is tough! The juggle of working whilst managing a nine-year-olds homeschooling is a challenge, so by the end of the week, you relax. Don’t worry if the 5 lessons morph into 2…and make sure you take the time to spend time with them when they need – the work will always be there.

We’re looking forward to more ideas and forward-thinking over the coming weeks, so we’re ready for when work returns to normal.