Connecting Buildings & People

  • Location

    Leman Street, London, E1

  • Size

    317,000 sq ft / 16 floors

  • Visitors

    12,000 per month (includes staff passes)

  • Industry

    Commercial Real Estate

‘In your face standard office space!’ This is the strapline for Brookfield Properties, Aldgate Tower in East London, which offers a unique, first-class working environment for its 14 high profile tenant companies. 

With tenants ranging from Uber, WeWork, Groupon and The Intellectual Property Office, Aldgate Tower has over 12,000 visitors and staff a month moving through its 16 floors.

Cristina Matache, formerly Head Receptionist of the Portico reception team, now Property Administrator, at Aldgate Tower, knows that Forge Bluepoint matches the ethos and requirements from tenants for a visitor management solution with speed, security and brand experience.

“Tenants and visitors are often positively surprised with the speed of which we can organise their appointments or when a host is trained, how easy it is to book a visitor appointment for themselves, they comment ‘So easy’ and ‘That was fast’.”

From the reception team perspective, Forge Bluepoint frees up the team to offer a great first impression and allows them to get on with other jobs they are responsible for. It is also easy to use, to train new starters, quick to search for visitors and hosts, can be accessed from anywhere at any time, has prompt support, and you can easily track and alter appointments.

“Aldgate Tower is one of our busiest buildings and Forge Bluepoint allows visitors to be checked-in quickly and find their host without any hassle.”

Luke Butler, Operations Manager, Brookfield Properties

“With Forge Bluepoint the majority of our visitors are pre-registered. Unexpected visitors are announced to either the tenant reception or their host (depending on each tenant’s internal procedure.) Since the system is real-time, once booked, these visitors are checked in and sent to the right floor.’

When talking about the data that Forge Bluepoint provides, Cristina compares her experience at a previous building where the team had to manually run visitor reports for each individual tenant.

“This was a one-day job for someone, which required two reception teams to migrate the spreadsheets into one. It was not GDPR compliant, not accurate and not efficient. This building also had a reception team of 7 receptionists processing 10,000 visitors a month. Here at Aldgate Tower we only have 4 receptionists to process 12,000 – it shows how good Forge Bluepoint visitor management is.”

Several tenants have also decided to not have their own individual receptions in favour of the main reception which makes it much easier to manage visitors and the experience – and will be saving these tenants money. The ultimate aim for Aldgate Tower is to have all tenants use the main reception.

The data from Forge Bluepoint also helps with building security.

“Sometimes difficult visitors enter the building and we are able to tell security what time they came in and left the building so they can check CCTV or on a positive note if a visitor reports they’ve lost their wallet and it is found we can help verify their identity by checking what time they were in the building.”

Cristina is a great advocate of Forge Bluepoint because it helps her and her team provide a great visitor experience.

Aldgate Tower shows how efficient and fast Forge Bluepoint is when you’ve got a passionate and enthusiastic reception team who want to provide the best experience for visitors and staff. Using the system well and making the most of the data from Forge Bluepoint to improve processes, especially from a security perspective – it’s great to see.”

Paul Speariett, Director and Co-founder, Forge
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