Connecting Buildings & People

  • Location:

    Lambeth, London, UK

  • Size:

    15,000 sqm

  • Visitors:

    5,500 per month

  • Industry:

    Smart Buildings

Innovation is an integral part of the ethos at Bouygues Energies & Services. The Facilities Management team wanted to ensure their London office, Becket House, was implementing the best processes and systems to reflect this ethos.

Situated a stone’s throw from Waterloo and the iconic London Eye Becket House has one of the most breath-taking views over the city. With nearly 3,000 staff in 7 different companies across 11 floors, Becket House has over 5,500 visitors per month.

When they first moved to the building the visitor management process was based on a sign-in book upon entry.

“As a facilities management supplier it is paramount for us to know who is in the building at any one time. The sign-in book was not watertight. People would skip signing in or their handwriting was illegible.”

Ingrid Hamstead, Becket House Property Manager

This was compounded by the reception team being overwhelmed with visitors at peak times. Queues would form and there would be long wait times for hosts’ to collect their visitors.

“Forge Bluepoint has been so easy to implement. It’s been a great success since day one, we haven’t looked back since.”

Maud Santamaria, Advisory Services Manager

Introducing Forge’s visitor management solution, Forge Bluepoint has resolved the issues for Bouygues Energies & Services. It’s has empowered the occupiers and reception team to provide the best experience for visitors to Becket House.

Individual occupiers can now invite their visitors using Outlook, which sends an email to the visitor with a unique QR code which they scan at reception. This checks them in and sends a notification to their host to come and collect their visitor for their meeting. Waiting times have been slashed.

The team at Becket House don’t just use Forge Bluepoint to check-in visitors. The data from the system also helps with managing reception staff levels, as they can see when there are peak times for visitors. Offering predictability is paramount. During the day the reception team can look ahead to see who is coming into the building. If it’s VIP they can prepare and check social media to help them recognise the VIP, greet them accordingly and have pre-printed passes ready.

For events, the system provides the ability to pre-print passes and post-event to check who attended.

From a facilities management perspective, Forge Bluepoint empowers the team to talk to the occupiers. They may be using most of the reception resource, by not pre-planning appointments and fundamentally not giving their visitors the best experience.

Forge worked in partnership with the Bouygues Energies & Services Facilities Management team to provide a solution for the management of visitors into Becket House.

“You helped us to understand what was possible. The fact that the team come and visit us regularly and the first line support is great. You become part of the team and that is partnership works at its best.”
Maud Santamaria, Advisory Services Manager.

“We’ve gone from having long queues to a far more effective way of processing visitors with the wow factor. A number of visitors have commented that the have never seen or experienced a system like it before.”

Ingrid Hamstead, Becket House Property Manager
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